As one of America's oldest, and largest, pocket knife manufacturers, Camillus Cutlery has answered the call for quality knives from 1876 to 2007.
This website for collectors and does not sell anything. Here you can find descriptions and pictures of more 400 products of Camillus Cutlery.


Camillus has a proud heritage of manufacturing some of the finest knives ever made. Whether you're looking for a classic traditional style folder, a Boy Scout utility knife or a proven military blade, you will find a Camillus knife that will work for you.

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Western Knives, folders and fixed blades with a western flair. Whether you're filleting walleye or field dressing elk, you will find a Western Knife to suit your needs.

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With lightning quickness and virtually no effort, these quick-open knives are ready for action. The ultimate in no-nonsense, tactical fighting knives.

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The edged creations of acclaimed wilderness survival instructor and tactical trainer Ethan Becker, the award winning Becker Knife and Tool (BK&T) line of knives is back!

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Camillus' new Camco product line features excellent quality at a tremendous value. These quality imports are designed by Camillus and ready for service!

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